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                                         Elpas Healthcare Positioning Tag

The Healthcare Positioning Tag is a wrist worn Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Infrared transmitter that is an effective cost containment and risk management tool for acute care hospitals, geriatric care clinics and long-term nursing care facilities.

The tag's onboard RF/IR dual technology transmitter emits low power RF (433MHz) and IR (800nm) messages. This data enables the real-time visibility of medical personnel or patients down to bed-level precision without EMF interference to medical equipment, which then can be used by Elpas Safety, Security and Visibility Solutions or other hospital management systems.

The tag also features a call-button for wireless emergency call functionality as well as a LF receiver (125 KHz) that enables real-time near exit detection of high-risk patients.

Made of tough, ABS thermoplastic, the Healthcare Positioning Tag is housed in an IP66 water-rated enclosure, which can be cleaned with medical grade, non-alcohol based disinfectants and is powered by one field-replaceable lithium battery.


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Elpas Heathcare Positioning Tag

Healthcare Positioning Tag



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