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Elpas Assisted Living Monitoring Solutions

After dinner, Sister Ketty gets a message on her phone that Mr. Bolag requires assistance in the Cafeteria. The call is automatically closed when she arrives at Mr. Bolag's location.

Mr. Wilson, a resident with Alzheimer's, has wandered into a room that is not his, a page is sent to a caregiver providing detailed information of the location and identity of the wanderer.

Later that night at 1am Mr. Bolag leaves his bed. A courtesy light is turned on and an icon flashes on an electronic map at the staff base indicating that the resident in that room has woken. Ten minutes later, when
Mr. Bolag fails to return to his bed, a page is sent to the attendant on call. The attendant calls Mr. Bolag's room and all is well.

While wheeling a resident to the PT room, the door automatically unlocks and opens when the staff member approaches to within 2 meters of the door.

All these activities including; time staff members spend with residents and the time that residents stay at specific areas, are recorded for reporting.


ALCAMS is a comprehensive Building Automation system for Assisted Living facilities.

ALCAMS integrates the following features using VT's central Alarm, Tracking and Control system called EIRIS:

Wireless Resident Call

Wireless Resident Room Monitors

Wanderer Tracking and Alarming

Staff Emergency Call (Code Blue)

Service Audit and JCAHO Reporting

Access Control

Time and Attendance


Features & Benefits

Wireless Resident Call: Residents feel safe and live with confidence knowing that no matter where they are in the facility, they can call for assistance using their wireless ALCAMS tag.

Wireless or Wired Call Buttons: When a resident presses the button on his/her wrist or pendant tag, a message containing the identity and location of the caller is sent to designate staff members via Page or SMS. In addition, the call information appears on a staff base screen graphically showing the call details and location of the resident on an electronic map. Room and directional lights may also be turned on.

Nurse Presence: The call remains open until a staff member arrives at the location of a call. The Paging module of ALCAMS will periodically repeat the page messages until the call is closed. If needed, a nurse-present light may be illuminated above the room door while a nurse is present in the room.

Escalation: If the call is not closed within a prescribed time and a call message may be sent to alternative staff.

Wireless Resident Room Monitor:  With a single display at a staff base, night attendants have a comprehensive view of events that occur inside residents' rooms within the facility. Without the need for invasive CCTV cameras or without needing to make disturbing and costly visits to each room, the attendant knows when:

  • Resident sits up in bed

  • Resident exits bed

  • Resident enters the lavatory

  • Resident fails to return to bed

  • The unit door opens

  • The bathroom floor floods

  • Glass breaks

  • Smoke is detected

  • Propane gas is detected

These sensors are all battery operated and wireless. This means that you need to install only the necessary sensors in rooms that require special monitoring.

Wanderer Tracking: No more need for keeping dementia patients locked in a closed area of your facility. They may now roam freely and their location is continuously monitored using ALCAMS tracking. If the resident wanders near a forbidden area, a message is sent to an attendant and doors may be locked until a staff member arrives.
Caregivers may walk wandering residents through exits without raising an alarm using ALCAMS sophisticated Escort feature.

Staff Emergency Call: With ALCAMS, staff badges also come with a push button that may be used to activate a Code Blue alert. Should a care giver encounter a resident that requires emergency medical attention, a press on her tag will send a message to the medical staff on call and turn on sounders and lights if needed.

Service Monitor and JCAHO Reporting: ALCAMS provides the reporting tools that clearly show the time caregivers spend with residents, how quickly they respond to calls and how much time residents spend in service locations. Reports are available that show which caregivers are most prompt, which patients make excessive calls for assistance and which require nominal care.

Access Control: Staff members that do not require active tags, may use standard proximity cards to gain access to restricted areas of the facility. These proximity cards may also be used to escort residents through exists.

Messaging: The chances are that you do not require any additional equipment to discretely send ALCAMS messages to staff members. SMS to specific cell phones or make use of your existing pagers or DECT phones.

Asset Tagging: Need to find an EKG or Defibrillator in a hurry, just glance at an ALCAMS work station PC and it will provide you with the current location of all critical equipment in your facility.
PDAs and Laptops have been walking off site? Tag them with ALCAMS equipment tags and receive an alarm when an attempt is made to take the asset from the building or when the tag is removed from the asset.

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