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Correctional Officer Emergency Call Alerting


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Elpas Correctional Guard Protection SolutionsBecause the safety of correctional personnel is paramount, the ability to respond quickly to the correct location when an officer is in trouble is crucial to the safety of that staff member.

Elpas Emergency Call, using indoor/outdoor Real- Time Location System (RTLS) technology, safeguards correctional personnel most at risk from inmate violence and aggression. Elpas Emergency Call provides manual and/or automated alerts that deliver precise real-time location data which identifies the individual in trouble and the location of the evolving security incident in order to dispatch emergency response teams. And since every correctional facility is different, Elpas Emergency Call is easily adapted to your prison environment and may be expanded to cover additional indoor and exterior buildings areas or scaled to protect additional correctional officers as security needs evolve.

How Elpas Emergency Call  Works

Security personnel that may be subject to attack or injury are provided with a correctional-gradeElpas Man-Down Emergancy Call Trnsmitter, holster worn Man-Down Emergency Call Transmitter. In the event of an emergency, the officer at risk can use the transmitter’s two emergency call buttons located on either side of the unit for manual wireless duress alerting. An onboard tilt switch and a pull cord enable automatic alarming when the protected staff member is knocked down or if the unit is grabbed by force.

The Man-Down Emergency Call Transmitter brings innovation to high-risk correctional personnel protection by combining man-down duress signaling with precise real-time building location awareness which can be integrated with the Eiris Tracking & Management Platform or other traditional security systems  to enable faster and more effective response efforts.

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