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Elpas Hand Hygiene Solution

Compliance with hand hygiene protocol in hospitals can significantly minimize the risk of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). The Center for Disease ControElpas RTLS Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring Solutionl
(CDC) estimates that each year in the United States, approximately 1.7 million HAIs are contracted. Many caregivers simply forget to wash their hands as they are in a rush to complete another task.

Others claim that there are times when soap and water aren't conveniently located. Unfortunately, the monitoring and recording of caregiver compliance proves to be a burdensome and often times an impracticable task.

The Elpas RTLS Hand Compliance Monitoring Solution is designed to help hospitals achieve their goal of increased hand washing compliance by automatically documenting whether staff members wash their hands before and after patient encounters.

How Elpas Hand Hygiene Works

Each caregiver is issued an Elpas Personal Identity Badge. So when the caregiver uses a hand washing  station or sanitizer, a nearby Elpas LF Exciter triggers the personal badge tag worn by the caregiver to transmit  hand washing event messages that identifies the caregiver and the time that the specific dispenser was used.

Elpas RTLS Readers relay this time-critical hand hygiene data over the hospital's Ethernet network to the Eiris Command & Control Server that provides hand hygiene compliance reporting and alerting.

Standard Features

Ethernet enabled 

Unlimited badge population

Instant ID & location

Alert & paging options

East to use software

Detailed compliance reports

Full system supervision

Easy backend integration

CE, FCC, IC compliant

Hospital administrators can use the Elpas Hand Hygiene Solution to generate detailed compliance reports per caregiver or per examination room. This documentation can be beneficial in monitoring staff compliance with hospital hand hygiene policies and to trace the source of infection transfers.

The Elpas Hand Hygiene Solution can also alert administrators of non-compliance incidents in real-time as well as alerting those caregivers to their non-compliant status prior to providing care.

Scalable Healthcare Solutions

From a single nursing unit  to facility-wide systems, the Elpas Hand Hygiene Solution can be field-tailored to fit the care practices of any healthcare facility and be scaled to deliver other Elpas RTLS Healthcare Solutions without degradation to the core hand hygiene functionality.

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