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 Elpas Lone Worker Duress Alerting

Elpas Lone Worker Personal Protection Solutions provide fully automated, low maintenance emergency call solutions for your lone worker protection issues.

Elpas is designed  to protect lone staff members in high-risk work environments: should they be placed at-risk of injury, become incapacitated due to attack or injury or suffer loss of  consciousness due to sudden changes in the work environment.

Elpas provides manual activated duress alerting, automated man down alarms plus no response alarms that are ideal for protecting technicians working alone in remote building areas, night watchmen on their building rounds, medical care givers working the over-night shifts or correctional officers in prisons.

And since every facility is different, Elpas Lone Worker Protection Systems are easily adapted to your working environment and may be expanded to cover additional indoor and exterior buildings areas or scaled to simultaneously protect additional staff members as your security needs evolve.


How Lone Worker Protection Works

Staff personnel are outfitted with a holster worn, dual-technology  Man-Down Transmitter. In the event of an emergency, the lone worker at risk can press the transmitter's call-button to summon assistance or should the protected staff member fall for any reason, the transmitter is engineered to automatically summon help. The transmitter is also equipped with a pull lanyard that activates a help summons, if an attempt is made to take the transmitter from the protected  worker by force.

Elpas uses an infrastructure topology of dual-technology Receivers, which are installed throughout the facility in order to: Detect emergency calls for help and to: Forward the location of the security incident with sub-room precision) with the identity of the individual who initiated the duress call in real-time to the
Eiris Tracking & Management Platform.

Eiris graphically displays the room location of the emergency and identifies the worker requiring assistance. Eiris also supports robust alert and paging options that delivers the patient's call, 24hrs-a-day to the right responder no matter where the caregiver happens to be.


SpiderAlertMDT-122 S Man Down Transmitter

Man Down Transmitter


System Features

Unlimited transmitter population

Indoor/Outdoor operation

Type-3  ID & location reporting

Alert & paging options

Incident logging & reporting

Graphical views
Easy to use software

Total hardware supervision

Supports backend integration
CE, FCC, IC compliant