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Elpas Wireless Nurse Call Solutions


Elpas RTLS Wireless Nurse Call Solutions


Elpas Active RFID/RTLS Wireless Nurse Call Solutions are designed to meet the changing demands of  acute care hospitals, long-term nursing care facilities and senior living communities. Elpas Wireless Nurse Call Solutions give your patients peace of mind by knowing that they are just a button push away from help from anywhere within the facility. Our complete range of advanced, customized nurse call solutions can suit every requirement, whether a large multi-ward hospital, or a small nursing home, Elpas has the right solution for your needs.

How Elpas Nurse Call Works

Patients are issued Elpas Active RFID Pendants or Wrist Bands that feature wireless call functionality. In the event of an emergency the patient simply presses the device’s call button.

A fixed Elpas Ethernet/Wi-Fi Infrastructure installed throughout the facility  receives the patient's emergency call  and  relays this location& ID data to the Eiris Tracking & Management Platform.

Eiris nurse stations display the real-time locations of the patients requiring assistance, graphically overlaid on hospital floor plans and provide interactive screens for managing the lifecycle of  the received patient calls. Eiris also supports robust alert and paging options that delivers the patient's call, 24hrs-a-day to the right responder no matter where the caregiver happens to be.


Solution Features
Ethernet/Wi-Fi compliant
Unlimited tag population
Instant ID & location

Alert & paging options

Easy to use software
Graphical views
Call logging/reporting

Backend integration
CE, FCC, IC compliant


Field-Tested RTLS Integration Solutions

Elpas also has field-tested, RTLS Integration Solutions for your pre-existing or new nurse call systems. Adding the real-time ability to identify the precise location of the patient requiring assistance or finding the nearest qualified medical responder with room level and sub-room level precision is a great example of how Elpas RTLS functionality can reduce medical staff response times. Accurate RTLS can also automate nurse call cancellations, generate staff-specific patient call logs, facilitate care giver guideline compliance  and provide the basis for patient flow automation.

All Elpas Wireless Nurse Call Solutions can be field-tailored to fit the medical care and security practices of any facility and can be scaled to deliver other Elpas Safety, Security & Visibility Solutions without degradation to the original nurse call functionality. 


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