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Elpas  RF IP Reader

The Elpas RF IP Reader is a supervised; 433MHz fixed indoor RTLS receiver. The reader is designed to detect and relay real-time ‘Location’ and ‘State’ data from Elpas Active RFID Tags to the Elpas Safety & Security software platform or to other hospital management systems.

The reader supports standard IT network communications and is easily integrated onto wired or wireless Ethernet/Wi-Fi networks for relaying data to and from the host application.

The RF IP Reader can be surface mounted onto solid ceilings, flush mounted into dropped (false) ceilings or hung onto solid and hollow walls. The reader supports large tag populations at read distances up to 20m/65ft (360° coverage area) in open office environments and is remotely configurable for customized applications. On-board I/O ports enable the monitoring of one general purpose analogue input and control of two open collector digital switched outputs.

The Elpas RF IP Reader supports XML messaging technology for integrating RTLS visibility data with medical management applications. The reader also supports data transmission with up to fifteen Elpas BUS devices (such as RF or IR Readers, IO Boxes, Elpas Display Panels and LF Exciters) using RS-485 Junction Boxes.

Elpas RF IP  Reader - Wall Mounted

RF IP Reader
Wall Mount Configuration


Elpas RF IP  Reader - Ceiling Mounted

RF IP Reader
Ceiling Mount Configuration


Product Features

Real-Time tag monitoring & tracking

Read range up to 20m/65ft radius

Wired/Wired Ethernet compatibility

Full device supervision including tamper

Low power consumption

Onboard digital I/Os / RS-485 connectivity

XML Messaging technology

CE, FCC, IC compliant

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Application and Uses

Patient identification

Assisted living facilities

Infant protection

Nurse/Patient call

Wandering patient supervision

Hands-Free access control

Entrance/Exit based alarming

Asset management & loss prevention


Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Actual products may vary from photos. Not all products include all features.

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