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SpiderAlert Security Sensors

SpiderAlert offers special purpose wireless sensors designed for the protection of doors, windows, indoor spaces and fixed assets where there is a security-level requirement for immediate incident response.


Fixed Transmitters
and Magnetic Contacts

SpiderAlert Fixed Transmitters & Magnetic Contacts

SpiderAlert Fixed Transmitters and Magnetic Contacts are designed for protecting doors, windows or other objects and for use in a variety of security and control applications.






PIR and Smoke Sensors

SpiderAlert PIR & Smoke Sensors

SpiderAlert PIR, Smoke and Glass Break Detectors are wireless intrusion and fire detection sensors for commercial environments.






SPD -1000
Displacement Detector

SpiderAlert SPD-1000 Wireless Magnetic Displacement Detector

The SPD-1000 Displacement Detector is designed to monitor magnetic field changes caused by touching or removing the protected asset. When the asset is touched or removed, an alert (which identifies the  the specific detector), is transmitted  to the monitoring station.





SPD-2000 NS Detector


The SPD-2000 NS Detector is intended for the discreet protection of fine art assets in locations where conventional security techniques may not be suitable. The detector is also suitable for other fixed high-risk assets such as office & medical equipment.




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