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SpiderAlert  Wrist Band Transmitter

The SpiderAlert MCT-211 S Wrist Band Transmitter is a waterproof, wrist-worn  mobile emergency call transmitter. The device is an ideal, cost-effective healthcare monitoring solution for Elderly, Handicapped, or Bedridden Patients who are at high risk of injury or illness.

The SpiderAlert Wrist Band Transmitter features a large user-friendly medical call button, which provides Patient Reassurance that immediate emergency response is nearby. Pressing the medical call button momentarily, triggers the device to emit Identification and Location Data that can be used by the SpiderAlert Medical Alert System to determine the site of the emergency with room level precision and to Identify the patient who initiated the call.

Small in size and weight, the Wrist Band Transmitter is enclosed in a tough, Shower/Bath Proof, ABS field-proven medical housing. Powered by a single, lithium battery; the SpiderAlert Wrist Band Transmitter is Energy Efficient, providing five years of service before needing replacement. 


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SpiderAlert MDT211 S Wrist Band Transmitter
SpiderAlert MDT-211 S
Wrist Band








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